Hello world!
October 27, 2019
As my first post, it seemed appropriate to get the programming humour out of the way early.

This is the first post on my website (exciting, am I right?) - hopefully I'll keep on writing content and updating it.

There's a long way to go in order to get this website where I want it, but the biggest hurdle is out of the way - getting it up and running. But enough of the boring stuff, let's get onto the introductions.

I'm Alex. I'm 22 years old and live in Ipswich, UK. I'm from Norwich originally and lived there for the majority of my life. I work for a Norwich based chatbot company called ubisend. I'm the lead developer on a new software as a service product (very hush-hush right now). I've worked my way up from being part time whilst at university to where I am now.

On the subject of university, let's talk about that. I graduated from the University of East Anglia in 2018 with a First Class in Computing Science. On top of the degree, I made some great friends there and did some much needed growing up.

As I've mentioned elsewhere on the site, I love to travel. Over the last few years, I've visited places across the Atlantic as well as in Europe which I'll talk more about (and post some pictures) soon.

I don't want to make the first blog post long and boring, so I'll draw it to a close here. I'm really looking forward to sharing my thoughts, experiences and some (hopefully) useful software development tips with you all.


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